The organization was established in Dnipro in 2014 by ordinary citizens, volunteers and ATO veterans – patriots of Ukraine to protect our homeland from external and internal enemies.
We want to see our Ukraine free and great. We want change!

Areas of our activity:
1) Volunteer help to our soldiers in the zone of ATO
2) Assistance to families of deceased warriors (Own and joint projects)
3) Humanitarian assistance to children resides in the “gray” zone.
4) Social programs are aimed at combating corruption, arbitrariness of power, communal services, etc. (Own and joint with other organizations)
5) We consider the option of participating in politics, nominating and supporting their own candidates for the next elections, both independently and CAN combine with political force, shares our view of the necessary changes in the country. (But this is still under question)

We invite everyone who is ready to participate in our work to join us. We are ready for any cooperation.